How to Choose the Best 55+ Community for You

by monica on July 4th, 2017

Chances are you’ve thought about the basics of what you want in a 55+ community—proximity to family, cost of living, weather—but have you considered exactly what you want in the community itself? Maybe you want a space for the grandkids to feel welcome, or a nice outdoor space for your pet, or opportunities to meet like-minded people on your own time. Taking the time to sort out your wants vs. needs before choosing your community is an important step in making sure it’s the right place for you to lead your best life.

Choosing Your 55+ Community

We’ve created the bullet list below to help you start to prioritize your wants and your needs. Use it to help you find the best 55+ community for you. As you work through the list, make a note as to whether the item is a want or a need, and don’t forget to be specific when necessary (how many closets, how many lap lanes, etc.)! This is your chance to shape the next phase of your life.

In the Home:

  • Storage
    • Indoor (Consider: how many closets?)
    • Outdoor
  • Bathrooms
    • Showers
    • Bathtubs


  • Private outdoor space
    • Porches or lanais
    • Yard
  • Public outdoor space
    • Walking trails
    • Picnic tables
    • Benches


  • Pool
    • Lap lanes
    • Resistance pools
    • Areas to relax
    • Kiddie area for the grandkids
    • Heated
  • Game rooms
    • How many tables for your favorite game?
  • Greens and courts
    • How many courts for your favorite game?
  • Private event space
    • With kitchens
    • Of various sizes
    • What is the reservation system?
    • Is there an additional cost?


  • Organized Events
    • Onsite
    • Offsite
  • Introductions to people with similar interests
    • What systems are in place to help facilitate these introductions?
  • Medical
    • On-site services
    • Proximity to hospital
  • Transportation
    • Proximity to highways
    • Proximity to airport
    • Proximity to train station
    • Community shuttle
    • Parking (for self and visitors)

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