Fit after Fifty-Five

by Emily on December 8th, 2015

We all know that exercise is important. With national health campaigns on television, gyms on every block, and exercise clothes becoming the new outerwear, the focus is definitely on fitness.

Still, it can be hard to stay motivated. After all, we understand that enjoying life is more than an aesthetic pursuit.

What we often overlook is that we are at a critical point in life when it comes to our health and continued exercise is essential.

Exercise is not just a way to get in shape; it’s the way to get more out of life, so let’s make it fun!

Experience the Great Outdoors

What’s the oldest and easiest form of exercise? Walking!

The benefits of walking are nearly endless. Studies have shown that even 10 minutes of walking can reduce stress and help you feel energized, and listening to music, an audiobook, or walking with a friend will help the time will fly by.

Other great outdoor exercise options include playing tennis, swimming, hiking, and bicycling. Simply choose the one that’s right for you. Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or high-impact to do you a world of good.

Find a Fitness Center

Fitness centers can be a great option for exercise. Some people even find that being at the gym motivates them to reach their full potential and, with a variety of machines, from cardio to weight training, you’ll have plenty of options to help you stay in shape.

Want to multitask? Sign up for group classes and use the time to get fit and meet new people.

Try Yoga

The yoga trend has been sweeping the nation, and understandably so. With both mental and physical health benefits and a variety of ability levels, yoga offers something for everyone.

Worried that you’re not in shape for yoga?

Gentle yoga programs have been developed that are both slow-paced and effective and offer modified poses developed to target specific concerns that challenge older yoga practitioners.

What does yoga help with?

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Arthritis
  • Overall Mental Health and Dexterity
  • Sluggish Digestion

Whichever exercise option you choose remember fitness should be fun!

2 thoughts on “Fit after Fifty-Five

  1. Great tips! I’ll be sharing this with my mom who’s now in his 50’s. She was really health-conscious so I’m sure she’ll find this very useful. People often say that she looks younger than her age and that’s thanks to her healthy eating combined with exercise.

    1. Thank you, Aika! We agree that a healthy lifestyle brings a lot of happiness. We aim to create a well-rounded active lifestyle in a lot of our communities. I hope your mother enjoys the article, please visit a community if you’re close by!

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