Forming Friendships Past 50

by Emily on December 15th, 2015

Friendship, it’s one of the most important and rewarding parts of our lives, contributing to our health and our happiness everyday!

Interestingly, we sometimes have a more difficult time forging new friendships the older we get. Challenges include work, family and the like, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on this all-important component of our lives.

Instead, let’s find out what these friendship gurus have to say about creating and keeping lasting friendship after 50.

Kathy Jordan Ph.D of Counseling Psychology has these great tips to help find new friends. We’re breaking them down for a quick step-by-step guide on how to get started.

  1. Admit you’re lonely. Recognizing that something is lacking is the first step in making a change.
  2. Realize you have to bring it! Decide what type of friend you want to be so you’re ready to be a friend when the opportunity presents itself.
  3. Seek what you wish to find. Think about the qualities that will make a good friend. Do you value a sense of humor, a willing listener, and go-getter, all of the above? Look for the traits you value in others and, when you find them, forge ahead!
  4. If you don’t get out there, you can’t play. Figure out the things you enjoy and look for groups that enjoy the same thing. Join in on book clubs, bike-riding groups or fishing tournaments. Whatever you enjoy, there are bound to be activities and organizations already in the works that you can join, and that’s were you’ll meet people like you.
  5. Invite people to dinner. When you meet someone you like, give your relationship a chance to flourish. Suggest meeting for coffee or dinner. Making time for short get-togethers on common ground is a great, no pressure way to start a conversation that may lead to one of the best friendships of your life.

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With a website popular for its inspirational posts and timely topics, ranging from fitness and beauty to money management, she’s now taking on the topic of friendship with her new website, Boomerly, an online platform to help older adults build meaningful relationships with a free messaging service where they can meet, chat and keep in touch.

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Choosing to live in a community that brings with it opportunities for fun and friendship can also be a great way to start moving in the right direction. New 55-plus communities, like Bonterra in Montgomery, Texas, offer events and get-togethers year-round for their residents. To learn more about this and other 55-plus communities that do more to create a sense of community and help to forge lasting relationships, visit

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