The Neighborly Factor: Ditching Noise Complaints & Nosy Neighbors

by monica on August 2nd, 2017

There are a lot of pros to a 55+ community, mainly a fabulous sense of community and tons to do. But what do you do when someone gets a little too close and you just want some privacy?

First of all, if you know privacy is super important to you, consider a community with single family homes rather than townhouses or apartments. It’s amazing what a little space between your wall and your neighbor’s wall can do. Adding things to the landscaping like fencing or bushes can also help you delineate space and increase your privacy.

Indoors, don’t forget to hang curtains and close your blinds. You can even hang a cute sign on your front door with a polite or cheeky “do not disturb” message. Check out Etsy for some clever design ideas. If you live in an apartment or a unit where someone lives above or below you, reduce the noise by putting down carpets to help dull the sounds.

The Neighborly Factor

If your neighbors still come into your space too much, which can happen when you’re out and about too, try being direct with them. You can do it politely! Tell them your me-time is very important to you or ask if you can speak with them on another date or time. If their persistence becomes too much, tell them directly, and if their presence ever feels very invasive or slightly scary contact your neighborhoods security patrol right away.

It’s true, nosy neighbors are no fun, but with some creative ways to delineate your space and good communication you should be able to build a mutually respectful relationship.

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