Declutter Your Life

by Emily on December 22nd, 2015

Retirement is often a time to refocus and restructure our lives. Whatever your plans moving forward, traveling, volunteering, visiting friends and family, or simply getting back to basics, one of the most common adjustments made is downsizing.

Many retirees find themselves wanting to move to a quieter neighborhood that reflects their desire for a sense of serenity at home, frequently in communities with residents 55 and older that offer access to neighborhood fitness centers, pools, parks, classes, events and more.

When moving, decluttering will help you create the new sense of serenity you’re looking for in life.
After years in one place, the accumulation of unnecessary objects can clutter not only your home, but your body and mind as well, overloading your senses, causing stress, and even impairing your ability to think clearly, according to research conducted by UCLA.

Downsizing your number of possessions and creating clean spaces clear of clutter can help clear blockades that can be holding you back.

How should you declutter?

  1. Set aside a few hours to sort through your things.
  2. Plan for fun. Play music, pour yourself a favorite beverage, even invite friends over to help, whatever will keep you committed and productive.
  3. Create four piles: keep, toss, sell and donate.
  4. Ask yourself while sorting if the item is one you must-have, want or don’t need. If you haven’t seen it in years and haven’t missed it, chances are it’s ready to toss, sell or donate.
  5. Sorting clothes? If you haven’t worn the item in the past year, it’s time to toss or donate it.
  6. If the item in question serves no purpose but to take up space, it’s time find it a new home.

Remember, the items in your home should reflect who you are now. Only keep clothes that are the right size, furniture that you use, relevant papers, and food you will eat.

View your transition into retirement as an opportunity to start afresh, without unnecessary items from the past.

Decluttering takes time, but can yield great results leaving you feeling liberated and ready for the next phase of your life.

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