Self Care & Retirement

by monica on June 5th, 2017

All your working life you’ve kept an eye on the prize: retirement. Maybe you were picturing long days painting with watercolors or growing a victory garden. Or maybe you were just looking forward to sleeping in.

Whatever you thought retirement would look and feel like, it’s probably a bit different than you expected. And that’s a good thing. A second lease on life can be just what the doctor ordered. Full days ahead of you, and you’re the boss.

That doesn’t mean you’re always stress-free. The grandkids still need grandparents, the bills still need to be managed, and the dog still needs to be walked. In fact, there is always the tedium of life’s basic business to make you feel like you need to put the retire back in retirement.

Luckily, a few simple lifestyle changes can bring more balance to your busy days.

The Master Suite: 

Nothing feels as good as closing the door on your own private oasis when you have a serene master suite. Much more spacious than a traditional bedroom, the master suite allows you to have your cake and eat it too – a king size bed and walk-in closets. Large spa-like bathrooms save you a trip to Elizabeth Arden when you are relaxing in a heated soaking tub or striding into a large walk-in shower. Clever layouts that allow direct access to the laundry room means less time hauling laundry baskets up and down the stairs and more time settling in with your favorite book. Oversized rooms mean you can have your own retreat and sanctuary without ever leaving your home.

Indoor/Outdoor Living:

Nature has a calming effect on us all. Green plants, fragrant flowers, and luscious water features will bring anyone’s blood pressure down a few points. Smaller spaces don’t mean you have to limit yourself to a sparse backyard and a few droopy houseplants. Blur the lines between what is indoors and what is outdoors with a few simple changes to your layout. Bring the indoor experience out with fully-functional outdoor kitchens and living rooms. Add glass patio doors that capture every millimeter of the view and make an easy pass through to the outside, creating a seamless in/out transition.  Incorporate more plants and living things into your indoor space for even more harmony.

Options Make Us Happy:

Make the most out of flex space! One-purpose rooms like a guest bedroom or study can be restrictive on your lifestyle. Sometimes, it just feels like wasted space or just a place to collect more clutter. Ditch the den and create a flex space that can be instantly transformed into whatever the occasion calls for. Need a spare bedroom for visiting friends from out of town? Pull down the Murphy bed. Need a private place to write the next great American novel? Roll out your modular desk. Need to toss the munchkins in front of the latest Disney movie without disrupting the grown-folks? Spread out a few bean bag chairs, pop some popcorn, and leave them be.

Folks living in our 55 and Better communities like Esplanade at Highland Ranch have some of these features built right into the layout of their homes. If you’re not quite in your Taylor Morrison dream home yet, use some of these tried and true ways of keeping your sanity and your retirement in perfect harmony.

For more about our houses built specifically for communities 55 and Better, please visit our website. Tell us how you are creating your own oasis during your retirement on Facebook.

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