Pets and Retirement: The Warmth of a Cold Nose:

by monica on March 17th, 2017

Pets bring joy and comfort into our homes and our lives at any stage of the game. Why should retirement be any different? If you don’t have a pet, maybe now’s the time to make a change.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership in Retirement

Having a pet in retirement offers some significant health benefits. Countless studies have shown the emotional and mental advantages to living with a pet. They decrease the symptoms of many common disorders, such as depression and anxiety. They also offer opportunities for improving your physical health. From daily walks to playing with a toy indoors, your pet will encourage you to move more. You can’t be a couch potato when a little furball needs some TLC!

A pet gives you a new friend to interact with, and they also provide a built-in social outlet with others. Out and about walking your dog, you’ll inevitably strike up a conversation with another dog owner or a dog-loving passerby. In your new community, the people you’ll meet with your dog are already your neighbors. And what could be better than having a furry friend at home and human friends just down the street?

2 thoughts on “Pets and Retirement: The Warmth of a Cold Nose:

  1. I am looking at over 55 communities in FL. My main problem is there seems to be a 2 dog limit in majority of them. I have 2 little dogs & 1 older large dog. I also would like to have a small fenced in back yard. This seems to be impossible. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Ricki! Which of the communities in Florida interest you? We would like connect you with our community sales manager, perhaps they can provide a solution to your concerns.

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