Avoid the Crowds: Do Something Different on Black Friday

by monica on November 17th, 2016

Are you one of the many who has had your fill of Black Friday – the early morning crowds, the fight over merchandise that will probably go on sale again before the holidays? Maybe it’s time to say “Enough!” and enjoy your day-after-Thanksgiving.

There are plenty of things to do instead of shopping. Consider these.

Read a book

Turn off the computer and television and dust off that book you never have time to read. If you have a tablet, that counts too – or even an audio book. The end goal is to transport your mind elsewhere through the written word.

Give thanks - do something nice

Do something nice

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as doing some good in the world. Find a local organization that you believe in and volunteer for the day. Every community has a need for donations of clothing and blankets this time of year. Give clothes and personal care items (toothbrushes and those little shampoos you saved from hotel stays) to the homeless shelter or women’s shelter. Help a friend finally finish that project that’s 80% there. Or simply write a handwritten card to someone you are thinking about.

Have fun with friends

Do something fun with your best buds. Have a private wine tasting, play board games, craft some holiday gifts —whatever it is you and your friends love to do or want to try together.

Get outside and be active


Get outside

Forget the crowded store aisles and go to your favorite park or hiking trail and breathe in the fresh air. Meet some new friends by finding others who have pledged to #optoutside on this site presented by REI (a retail store, of all things).

Throw a leftovers party

Have an after Thanksgiving block party—or have your get together in your community’s clubhouse. Everybody can bring dishes made from leftovers. Great way to enjoy or get to know your neighbors.

Spend time with family

Stay home

If you’re ready for a peaceful day at home, this is your day. Make a thoughtful gift list for those you love. Work on a hobby. Or, simply binge on your favorite movies or television shows while doing some sit-ups and stretches to work off a few of those extra bites of stuffing. Relish your time away from all the noise and jostling you’re happily missing on Black Friday.

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