Banish the Clutter: Ideas for Storing Things Around the House

by monica on January 22nd, 2017

Clutter. We love our stuff. What we hate is when our stuff somehow becomes clutter. We keep things “just in case,” put keepsakes away and forget about them, stack items unceremoniously just to get them out of the way. Now, there are some clever storage solutions to help you keep your stuff organized and make it easy to find when you want it.

Storage Ottoman – This concept has been around for awhile, upgraded as styles change. Ottoman under-lid pieces make great places to stash things away, whether it’s magazines and books, blankets, whatever you want to keep handy. You can make your own, like this one featured on, or simply go to stores like Target and pick one out of the lineup.

Electronics Hideaways – Our electronic stuff isn’t the kind you want to stash away somewhere, but it makes for a lot of clutter. If you’d like something other than an entertainment center, try this clever wall unit you hide behind artwork. The little closet is perfect for hiding modems and routers.

DIY Holiday Light Storage – Save yourself the irritation of untangling holiday lights with these clever storage solutions. Turns out that cardboard is an inexpensive solution. Wrap the lights around a cardboard slat or cardboard tubing that holds wrapping paper.

Battery Organizer – A short trip to a dollar store for a sewing or craft case will give you a neat way to store batteries. Store batteries of all sizes to keep them handy for when you need them. A case is also a good way to keep used batteries together until you can take your collection to be recycled.

Office Organizing – Everyday items can save the day when you want to neaten up your home office. Velcro your external hard drive some place out of the way, like under your desk. Turn binder clips into a cable organizer. Stack and hot glue some is all you need to make a mason jar cubby pens, pencils, markers and more.

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