Getting Crafty: Discover the Joy of Arts and Crafts

by monica on March 17th, 2017

Arts and crafts may inspire fear in many self-diagnosed creatively-challenged folks, but the truth is, the fun and relaxation to be had is not dependent on skill. Your local craft stores like Michaels or JOANN Fabrics offer countless options for craft projects, ranging in skill level from basic can’t-mess-it-up projects to expert master-crafter behemoths. Don’t be shy – ask a store employee for help deciding on a project. You’ll be pointed in the right direction and crafting in no time!

If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, you don’t have to miss out on the arts and crafts fun. There are plenty of mediums that don’t require intense hand work. In general, you’ll want to avoid anything with sewing, extensive scissor work, or anything with tiny, intricate detailing. Instead, opt for ceramics and pottery, or painting. Be sure to choose brushes with larger comfort grips, and the bigger the canvas, the easier your hands will have it. Maybe even design and execute a mural in your community – bring in some friends and make it a party!

Arts & Crafts Options

There are plenty of art and crafting options out there to choose from. Go with textiles if you want to crochet, knit or embroider, for instance. Make papercraft your passion with origami, collage and Papier-mâché. Take a painting or drawing class, learn woodworking or get into making jewelry. Find something you’ll want to enjoy alone or with friends.

Crafting doesn’t have to just be a hobby. Not only is it a fun activity to pass a rainy morning, but you can make some extra cash in the process. Sites like or offer simple account set up and user-friendly platforms on which to sell your handmade wares. You could also organize a craft sale within your community and give any revenue to a charity of your choosing. Or establish a crafting club and use proceeds from craft sales to organize fun events for members. The possibilities are endless.

Arts and crafts keep your mind sharp, your fingers deft, and your spirits up. What’s not to like? It doesn’t matter if you’re “good at art” – it’s the enjoyment of the process that matters. So get out there and get creative!

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