Have a Holiday Bake-Off in Your New Taylor Morrison Kitchen

by monica on December 16th, 2016

Here you are in your most beautiful Taylor Morrison home with a wow-factor, state-of-the-art kitchen. Brand new stainless appliances abound, more countertop space than the eye can see, exceptional cabinetry with tons of space, a pantry that fits every spice from here to Madagascar that you can imagine and then some, and it’s the holidays. When you put it all together, what you have is the best place to host a holiday bake-off.

This is a great way to have people over to your new home and do some entertaining while getting some of your holiday baking done in a fun way. While that is going on you get to show off your stunning new kitchen. It’s a win-win situation.

Just add friends

Start by inviting over five to eight of your good friends, and ask them to bring along their favorite recipes for the holidays. Now remember, this is not for a cash prize; it’s just for fun and dessert. Friends, cookies and maybe some wine and a good time for the holidays is all that is required.

What your guests should bring:

  • Have each guest bring their own ingredients for their cookie, cake or cupcake recipes
  • Each guest should bring their own utensils, this way everyone will have what they need and you don’t run out of a spatula or whisk.
  • Guests should bring the recipe (if not memorized)
  • Baking pans and measuring cups
  • Bring an apron
  • Bring some wine, if desired

It’s obvious that the baking may take longer as there are various recipes being created and some will need to go in the oven. Your holiday bake-off is not only a great way to get some baking done, it’s a wonderful way to catch up with friends before the holidays.

Everything can become so stressful and filled with too many things to do this time of year. From cooking and baking, to family time, hosting dinners and/or parties, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, you often feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. It seems never-ending and that there’s no way to de-stress.

Your holiday bake-off allows you to visit with some of your close friends and get some baking done as well. When all the recipes are done, number each delectable dessert, have everyone taste each creation and decide which one they love best. Throw the numbers into a jar and the person who created the winner receives a prize. You can get something like movie tickets or a gift card.

Here’s some great holiday recipes you don’t want to miss:

If you and your guests need some baking inspiration, check out “The Great American Baking Show” on ABC.

Whatever you and your guests do, do not eat everything. You will then end up having to show everyone to your at-home gym if things get out of control in your kitchen. And then you’ll just have to bake more cookies for everyone else on your list.

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