We Survived Despite Our Grandparents Bad Habits and Lack of Digital Cable

by Emily on December 6th, 2016

Here you are. You never thought you’d really be here. Yep, you’re 55-plus, give or take. You can hardly believe it. It went THAT fast. It’s just about that age-ish that you thought was old when as a young child you sat around the Thanksgiving table with your grandparents, looked over at your grandmother and wondered why she sported a blue hairdo. Did all old people have blue hair? Grandpa wore some hideous sweater with mismatched colors along with polyester orange pants. What were these people thinking? Was this your fate?

Fast-forward to now. Things are so different. When you think about it, your life is almost a world apart from your grandparents. Maybe not in the love they shared, their beliefs and their concern for family, but you’re so different when it comes to style, health and mind-set. Back in the day, our grandparents had a tougher life and seemed to age faster. They didn’t have the high-tech gadgets we have these days that, when we think about it, make us wonder how we got along without them.

We take a lot for granted. If we think about it, we have it somewhat easy as compared to our grandparents. Here’s 15 items Frugaldad.com says are more “luxuries” than “necessities” that our beloved grandparents went without:

  1. GPS Devices
  2. Tanning Bed Salons
  3. Cell Phones
  4. Microwaves
  5. Credit Cards/Debit Cards
  6. Electronic Book Readers (Kindle)
  7. Digital Cable
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Plasma Televisions
  10. SiriusXM Radio
  11. Xbox, Playstation and Wii
  12. Health Clubs
  13. Calculators and electronic cash registers
  14. Student Loans
  15. Disposable Items

Somehow our grandparents lived without cable or Ziploc bags, but they also seemed to age faster, which could be why they looked older than their actual age. Our generation is more in tune with a healthier, fit lifestyle. We definitely don’t ingest a lot of the bad things our grandparents did – some things that should be labeled with a skull and crossbones.

Here are 10 things from Business Insider that our grandparents did that probably should be on a To Don’t list:

  1. Smoked
  2. Ate processed meats
  3. Drove drunk
  4. Ate lots of sugar
  5. Celebrated processed foods (i.e. TV dinners)
  6. Drank soda
  7. Ate trans fats
  8. Didn’t wear seat belts
  9. Rode bikes without helmets
  10. Sun-tanning without sunscreen

Today’s 55-plus generation has come a long way. There may be some gadgets we could all do without, but for the most part, living a healthier lifestyle is at the top the list these days. Eating healthier, exercising more and trying to enjoy life at this stage is Priority No. 1.

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