Try the New Trends in Holiday Decorations

by monica on November 25th, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, when the holiday decorations come out of storage to help set the tone and put us in a festive mood. If you have beloved pieces that bring back memories of moments from years gone by, put them out proudly. But, also consider adding some of the latest decorating trends to the mix.

Happy Thanksgiving from Taylor Morrison


Play With Unconventional Colors in Holiday Decorations

Freshen up the scene with color combinations that are on the cutting edge. Trending color combos include green and brown; Kelly green with baby blue and white; hot pink, lime green, white and red; bubblegum pink and purple; and robin’s-egg blue, red and white. Take a look at these ideas and more at

Make What’s Old New Again

Transform old things into brand new décor items for the holidays. Old wood can be repurposed, like this barnwood stocking with bow and cranberries. Create paint brush Santas to hang. Make bows out of burlap. Old things and a little imagination can turn into a holiday decoration with a twist.

Repurpose. Re-Use. Recycle

Light It Up

Get creative with holiday lighting this year. Hang lights on a fountain or wall and fill mason jars with LED fairy lights. Make your front porch magical with a branch light pendant or illuminated canopy. You can brighten up your hallway with fun lights and drape tea lights on trees.

Whether you try out the trends or stick with your traditional favorites, dressing up your home for the holidays can lift spirits and create a festive mood, for you, your family and guests.

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