Company’s Coming! Activities for When Visitors Come to Town

by monica on February 5th, 2018

Nervous about having family or other visitors come visit the new house? Don’t worry about it! Chances are they’re coming to visit you in your new home, whether it’s an active living community or 55+ community, because they love you and want to see how you live. And don’t worry, there will be plenty to keep them busy.

When Visitors Come to Visit

Before your guests arrive, make sure you fully understand the visitor rules at your community. Double check the rules for accessing the facility and for participating in activities and events once your guests arrive. If you live in a gated community, what identification will they need in order to enter? Is long-term visitor parking available? If so, where is it and will they have to pay? If your guests are not staying in your home with you, is there on-site visitor lodging? Residents in some communities have a meal plan, so if you’re on a plan make sure you understand how guests can eat with you.

Now for the fun stuff: activities, events and amenities! Start by giving your visitors a full tour of your community. Show them the pool, activity rooms, where you go to eat and everything in between. Reserve a sports court or game table for some friendly competition during your visit. Take a stroll along some trails or around any nature on the property. Let your friends know your family is coming. Maybe they can join in on the fun, because there’s no doubt your friends and family will like to meet each other.

If you have children visiting, though you may not use it yourself, make sure you know where the playground is. Find out if children are allowed in the pool area at all times of the day or only during certain times. If you have a golf course or putting green on-site, see if there are special activities they run for young people like junior golfer programs. Take a look at the activity calendar and see if there are any arts and crafts events happening that children can participate in.

Remember, your neighbors will like to see some new faces as long as the existing rules of the community are respected. Be prepared and have fun!

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