Exotic Off-Season Destinations

by monica on October 23rd, 2016

Exotic Off-Season Destinations
If you want to do a travel vacation differently this year, consider traveling off-season. You can save money, avoid the crowds and go off the beaten path. For adventurous souls, fall and winter can be the most exciting time of year to get out and see the world. And if you plan it right, you can avoid torrential rains, scorching heat, and other forms of nasty weather.

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

This island nation in the Indian Ocean offers some excellent off-season adventures January through March. Visit the southern end in December or January to go whale watching where you might see spritely spinner dolphins or the world’s largest animal, the blue whale. There are also several festivals off-season, as Sri Lanka is home to members of four major religions.

Safari in BotswanaBotswana
With the exception of January and February, November to April in Botswana is a nice time to go on safari in Botswana home to Central Kalahari Game Reserve. You may even have the chance to see newborn elephants, gazelles, lions and hyenas. Expect some afternoon rain showers – they usually are short – but the rain might make some tracks difficult to pass, which could up the adventure factor.

Ice Hotel & Northern LIghts in Sweden
Northern Lights in Sweden

December through April are the darkest months in Sweden, all the better to take in the awesome Northern Lights. Take your experience up a notch and stay at the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi. The complex includes the hotel, which features ice rooms with warm or cold beds, an ice bar, ice church, ice sculpting studio and a pillar hall.

Relaxing Sunset in Dominican RepublicDominican Republic
December to late February is pleasant and a little cooler than in the summer months in the Caribbean. You won’t spend as much to get to the DR and getting a hotel room is easier. See Playa Rincon, the best beach in the Dominican Republic. Find out about other must-dos, like learning to dance the merengue, visiting Colonial forts, and catching a Dominican baseball game.

snow-monkeys-istock_78992111-sJigokudani Monkey Park, Japan
Exotic doesn’t have to mean tropical. Bathing snow monkeys—you’ve seen them on video or in a magazine and now you can see them in person. The Japanese Macaques clearly enjoy their hot-spring soak. Check out what other travelers suggest if this craggy location sounds like a great winter destination.

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