The Many Benefits of Traveling with Your Grandkids

by monica on December 10th, 2018

Ever wonder why you’re Googling “Paris, travel, road trip and best National Parks”?

It’s because you believe senior living is more about the living part than being senior!

At Taylor Morrison, we build communities for those with a greater sense of adventure than simply trying a new breakfast combo off the menu. You go and you goand then you go some more. Not just around the country but abroad, too.

In this post, we want to celebrate your love of travel and exploration by providing all the information you need to bring along your favorite travel partners – your grandchildren.

And guess what, mom and dad? You’re not invited!

Why Traveling with Your Grandkids is Important

Looking back, many of your most memorable childhood experiences were probably with grandma and grandpa. Is it fair to mom and dad? Probably not – but that’s just how life goes.

Now that you’re on the other side of the relationship, it’s time to start giving some serious thought to which memories you’d like to build with your grandchildren. Where you’d like to take them. What you’d like to do with them. How you’d like them to see you and what role you’d like to play in their lives.

Because traveling with your grandkids is important. Not just for you but for them, too.

  • Gain Valuable Life Experiences: There’s a difference between seeing the Grand Canyon on a postcard and standing at the edge of the precipice with your own two eyes. Travel can cement a sense of wonder and curiosity in young minds. And the curious go on to do great things.
  • Stay Fit: For you, spending time with several pairs of spry legs will force you to push the envelope and work harder to stay in shape. 10 hours with your grandkids on the road is just as good as 10 weeks at the gym!
  • Grow Confidence: Encouraging your grandkids to try new things builds self-confidence.
  • Share Your Knowledge: It’s hard to impart your decades of wisdom on young minds when they’re engrossed in their smartphone. Traveling together offers many hours of time to talk and share.
  • Foster Family Bonds: Traveling together is a great way for cousins to form a life-long friendship.

Traveling with your grandchildren offers an expanded perspective on life’s possibilities. A first look at how anything is possible for them and a wonderful refresher course for you.

Documents to Bring

While you may never be asked for it, it’s a smart move to have your kids write up a letter granting permission to travel with their children. Be sure to include full names (including yours) and the grandkids’ ages along with a general travel itinerary and date range. Adding a notary stamp is probably a good idea if you’re leaving the country.

  • You can find an easy-to-use permission letter template at Trip Savvy.

For domestic trips, you won’t typically need any ID for the kids but do bring a copy of their medical and dental insurance cards in the event of an accident or illness.

For overseas trips, add a certified copy of each child’s birth certificate to the list along with their passport.

Fantastic Tips for Traveling with Grandkids

The most valuable advice we have to offer is to get your grandchildren’s parents on board as soon as possible. Some people aren’t comfortable with letting their kids travel alone with grandma and grandpa and that’s OK. Instead of dismissing any anxiety as nonsense, talk it over and acknowledge their concerns. Work together to come up with solutions that work for both of you.

If your kids have special request in order to grant permission, honor them. Even if you think they’re being silly. Along the same lines, keep your kids in the loop even when things go wrong. The last thing you want is for your grandson to come home and exclaim, “Guess what, mom? I got a boo-boo on vacation with grandma!” and have this be the first time she hear about it.

Once you’ve got one or two journeys under your belt together, they’ll likely lighten up and let loose on the reins a bit!

Other tips include:
  • Start Planning Early: Kids are busy, and their schedules are jam packed with sports camps, school events and other obligations. You’ll need to request dates long in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Involve Children in the Planning Process: It’s one thing to expand their horizons and another thing to haul kids places they don’t want to go or aren’t old enough to appreciate. Instead of planning your dream vacation and then inviting your grandkids, make planning a joint project.
  • Pay for Everything: It’s one thing for mom and dad to provide a little spending money but expecting your kids to pitch in on a holiday they won’t be attending will soon lead to resentment. Work the cost of bringing your grandchildren along into your travel budget and if you’re short on cash, wait a year or plan a more frugal trip.
  • Pack Light: The fewer bags the better, especially when your grandchildren are small and can’t carry their share of the load.
  • Document Your Trip: Take lots of pictures but write down funny stories, too. You can use this to create a wonderful graduation gift when your grandkids finish high school.

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Additional Helpful Information

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